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Whole Dog Journal’s Guides to Optimum Dog Care
February 3, 2008, 5:04 pm
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Recent dog food recalls only reinforce how important it is for you to carefully select and continually monitor your dog’s diet. Here you’ll learn what’s best in cans, bags, and home-made formulas to provide safe, balanced and appetizing nutrition.

When it comes to preventing illness and injury, you are your dog’s first line of defense. From understanding the essentials of daily care to avoiding the consequences of over-vaccination, All’s Well is filled with guidance for bolstering resistance, maintaining fitness and addressing emergencies.

A well-trained dog is not only lots more fun but far less likely to endanger his own safety. Using techniques that reward good behavior, you’ll discover how to fast-track your dog’s education with everything from “stay” and “come” to better self-control amid distractions and exemplary dog park behavior.

Your puppy’s “formative years” are only a dozen or so weeks long. The time and training you invest now will pay lasting dividends in the years to come. Here you’ll learn the keys to getting your pup off to a healthy, confident, and well-adjusted start.

You love your dog, but not some of his habits. The good news is that, with positive training, you can reform his vices. In Mending His Ways, you’ll find instructive strategies for overcoming incessant barking, destructive chewing, crating problems, housetraining difficulties, multi-dog conflicts and more.

To purchase any or all of the books Order here.


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